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Train with me and get the right routines into your daily life


Hi, I’m Veronika!
Ex-professional showjumper and now a personal trainer, I’m all about creating healthy habits and lifestyles. Born in Norway but now based in Denmark with my husband and two dogs, I mainly focus on helping women find the joy in health, fitness and nutrition.

To me, fitness is not about particular aesthetic goals, but about health benefits and changing your life for the better. I love all things bridal, so I also help future brides find their dream dress and turn around routines, structure, and regain their confidence.


Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad. I don’t believe in “building dream bodies” in six weeks, as every body is different, and so is every dream. I like to focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle that will make you feel better on the inside, rather than only fixing an outside problem.



Since I believe so strongly in individuality, my fitness plans are tailored to you. Your body, your goals, your life. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or simply maintain your weight but change your health habits, I’ve got the safest and most sustainable way to success. Your dream shape is just a nice bonus to feeling great from the inside out.

I also find it so important that your health journey is based around what’s achievable for you. Committing to a rigid regime of restrictions and extreme workouts when it doesn’t fit within your life or schedule is not a sustainable health solution. So let me build something around your life that will help you in the long term.



My custom-to-you nutrition plans help you achieve your goals even faster, while still considering any dietary needs or even preferences. No big restrictions, no complicated recipes. Just real food, sustainable and effective nutrition.

Dine Out Option

You don’t have to put your social life on hold to obtain your goals. Remember, transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is all about keeping it manageable. My app provides dine out options which will help you stick to your nutrition goals without having to give up your social life.

Shopping List

Get everything in one place. Consult your shopping list inside the app and check as you go, or have the shopping list for the week (or day, or multiple days) emailed to you.


I will support you all the way through monthly check-ins and ongoing tweaks to your plans to ensure you keep getting results as your health and body evolve. If you choose to, you can upload pictures and body statistics to keep track of your progress.



Fitness and nutrition programmes custom to your goals, that will help you transition to the healthiest version of yourself.  The safest and more efficient way to your dream shape.

JulFit Coaching - Ongoing

  • Ongoing custom workout programme - you choose how many days per week you want to work out
  • ​Ongoing personalised nutrition plan with recipes and shopping list
  • ​Easy-to-use app
  • ​Monthly progress check-ins and hands-on support
  • ​Desktop members area
  • ​A Nutrition Help Guide to help you hit the ground running

€30 per month

12-Week JulFit Plan

  • 12-week custom tailored-to-you transformation plan
  • ​12-week personalised nutrition plan with recipes and shopping list
  • ​Easy-to-use app
  • ​Monthly progress check-ins and hands-on support
  • ​Desktop members area
  • ​A Nutrition Help Guide to help you hit the ground running

€80 for 12 weeks

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